Turn headache into cash: No More Struggling from complex retails

In retail business, especially in Hong Kong, we are facing numerous challenges which our outlets always feeling headache.

How can I have better connection with my customers?

How can I accommodate their requirement without failure?

With limited manpower how can I manage the store in a better way?




And there are more!

We are now having a solution helping the optical outlets to solve them one and for all!

If you want to learn more on it, please feel free to contact us for further demo checking and introduction!

Value from customer

  1. Store and Retrieve customer date in a second in your own computer

  2. Promotion in ease to your customer from their group

  3. Analysis your customer and give you alert when no return from specific customer


  1. Check live stock status of over 10,000 branded eyewear

  2. No more losing of potential customer because of slow stock check and uncertainty

  3. Turn potential customer into loyalty customer with top-in-class servic

connect with suppliers

  1. No more waiting for salesperson from suppliers: you can have the latest news via the portal

  2. Latest promotions and product catalog auto-upload according to your account

  3. More POS help to up-sale and boost your business

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